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Tell me your best deaf stories






Reblog this and add your best, most inspiring, funny, and/or embarrassing story that pertains to your hearing impairment/d-Deafness.

*le 14 year old me buying gas with my dear old dad*

cashier: is that all for u today

me: I like monkeys

cashier: Wtf

dad: wtf

me: did u not ask me what animal i like

Update to this story: my dad literally bought me a shirt he had CUSTOM PRINTED that said “I like monkeys” with a picture of a monkey on it.

When my mom got sick she started to lose her hearing, so the doctor gave her these new hearing aids that you could barely notice. She was usually pretty good about using them, but if you pissed her off she’d stare you right in the eyes and take them out one at a time, gently put them back in their box, and walk out of the room. Boom, argument over, mom won.

When I was home alone, the carbon monoxide detector went off. This was the water torture of sound for me, because I have no directional hearing. I COULD NOT FIND THE BEEPING. And it was too sporadic for me to triangulate, though I tried.

Finally, I used my roommate’s stupid cat. He would turn and glare at the noise, so I picked him up and followed the glares until he found the carbon monoxide detector for me.

It was in my roommate’s bedroom. I NEVER would’ve found it on my own.

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