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vegans who know nothing about bees or bee keeping and think eating honey is “unethical” or “cruel” should really quit embarrassing themselves 

…do people really find it so hard to understand that honey isn’t made for humans? Is that really such a radical idea? Are we really entitled to anything we want to get our hands on just because we can

Also, newsflash, honey bees (domesticated and NOT endangered) and bumble bees (ACTUALLY endangered) are not the same thing.

but sure okay honey tastes nice so 👌

I am studying a bachelors degree in zoology and just finished a major research project on bees. Planning to continue to do my masters of research in honey bees You on the other hand, have probably never seen a hive box in your life. So please spare me trying to lecture me the difference between bee species. Considering I was working with Australian native trigona and discussing with a bee keeper/reseacher at my university his work with blue banded bees. 

Bumble bees won’t mentioned at all in this so thanks for your pointless “newsflash” which was so very irreverent to the OP that I can only assume you added it so it seemed liked to everyone that you have half a clue about bees. Which you clearly don’t. 

Honey bees have been domesticated (at least you got that right) and as such need to be keep and managed. This includes hive maintenance, which includes taking honey because they make so much of it so fast, providing hive boxes and a new queen once the old one dies, ect. 

If bee keepers don’t manage and keep them, those bees will swam; either splitting into more hives or abandoning their hive box all together. And guess where they go? Into people’s homes, public buildings, parks, ect. pretty much places where they’ll negatively impact native animals, as well as people. Who call exterminators to kill the bees. (or bee keepers which can actually remove the bees without having to kill them.) 

Bees are able to produce more honey then they actually need. Not all bee keepers even take honey from bees and there are bee species (such as  trigona) who make honey but not enough to take. This allows keeper to take honey. If the honey isn’t taken, then the bees won’t collect pollen, therefore they won’t pollinate flowers because they don’t need to. And when the hive doesn’t make enough honey, then bee keepers don’t remove honey + provide a sugar water substitute.  Because believe it or not, keepers actually care about their hives. They’re not extactly going to do anything to damage them, especially when sometimes those bees are their livelihood.

So no honey isn’t harvested purely because it “tastes good.” Harvesting honey increasing pollination in bees which is really important for agriculture.  

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